Welcome to the Devil’s Advocate. The Devil’s Advocate is the brain child of Chief editors Jacob Mchangama and Lars Hvidberg (more info here), who in 2005 set out to challenge the de facto monopoly of the state sponsored Danish Broadcasting Corporation on radio based political debate. With the emergence of podcasting technology we found the perfect media for our ambition, virtually free, easy to use and assesible to a global audience. On 1 March 2006 we aired our first show, a debate on international human rights with Morten Kjærum, director of the Danish Institute of Human Rights. In our first season we aired a total of 6 shows, which found a relatively small but dedicated audience.

Our first 6 shows have all been in Danish. However our ambition is to reach audiences outside Denmark and we have already made agreements with several internationally well renowned authors, which we are sure will intrigue non-Danish listeners interested in thought provoking and thorough political debate on current affairs, political philosophy and history.

In September 2006 we expanded with two new assistant editors, David Pontoppidan and Anders Kaasgaard (more info here), and through a process of trial and error we hope to be able to build on the existing format and serve our listeners with even better shows..

The editors are all classical liberals or conservatives. However we do not engage in propaganda and we strive to ask as tough and challenging questions to those with whom we agree as to those with whom we do not share political outlook.

We hope you will tune in to our future debates and you are also most welcome to comment the podcasts on our website as well to support the Devil’s Advocate (here).